Prep Instructions



Upper Endoscopy

Nothing to eat or drink, including water, after midnight the night before your procedure. Arrive 40 minutes prior to your scheduled procedure time.


Please pick up your prep well in advance of your procedure. The day BEFORE your procedure, clear liquids ONLY. This includes water, black coffee, or tea (no creamer), soda, white grape juice, apple juice, sports drinks, Jell-O, ice pops, chicken, beef, or vegetable broth. Nothing that is RED or PURPLE. Drink as much as possible all day.

  • Plenvu/Clenpiq/Suprep/Sutab - You will do your first dose of prep at 5pm that evening. Continue with the clear liquids. 5 Hours prior to the start time of your procedure, take the second dose of prep. Along with 3 glasses of water. You need to complete this dose within one hour. NOTHING else to eat or drink, including water until after your procedure. Arrive 40 minutes prior to your scheduled procedure time. Failure to follow these instruction can result in your procedure being canceled.


  • GoLytely/4 Liter prep – At 5pm the evening before the procedure, mix the medication following the instructions on the bottle and drink 3 liters (75%) of the solution, drinking 8 -16 ounces every 15 to 30 minutes. Refrigerate the remaining 1 liter and continue drinking clear liquids. 5 hours prior to the procedure begin drinking the remaining 1 liter and complete it within 1 hour. Nothing else by mouth until after the procedure.

Diet Suggestions

  • Clear Liquid Diet
  • Pureed Diet Suggestions
  • Soft Food Diet Suggestions


    Please arrange for transportation home from the procedure. You cannot drive or operate machinery for the rest of the day. Total time in office for a procedure is about 2 - 2 ½ hours. Your ride does not need to stay. Due to Covid precaution, we do not have rides wait in office. Please provide us with their phone number and we will contact them about 20-30 prior to discharge. Uber, Lyft, and taxis are not allowed to be used for post procedure transportation due to medical regulations. If you need a medical transportation service, you can contact our office for information.


    Please contact the office a minimum of 2 business days prior to the procedure to cancel or reschedule. Cancellations made less than 2 business days in advance will result in a $100. 00 fee.


    If you have any questions, please contact our offices at 410-290-6677.

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