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The Gastro Center of Maryland uses the latest technology and diagnostic tools to treat their patients, including the use of small bowel pillcam, or PillCam™ SB. Dr. Pia Prakash, Dr. Josh Rosenbloom, Dr. Eduardo Castillo, and Dr. Dado Xu are Board Certified physicians serving patients throughout Maryland from their two convenient locations in Columbia, Olney and Annapolis, Maryland.

Small Bowel PillCam Endoscopy Q & A

What is Pillcam SB?

A Pillcam SB is considered to be the new gold standard when examining the small bowel for possible Crohn's disease and other gastrointestinal problems. The Pillcam is a small capsule containing a miniature light source and two cameras that continually take pictures of the gastrointestinal tract once the pill has been ingested. This small device weighs approximately 4 grams and is 11 mm x 26 mm in size. The first step of this procedure is having the patient swallow the Pillcam with water. Once it has entered the digestive tract, it will begin taking pictures from the esophagus into the small intestine and to the rectum.

What can a Pillcam SB show?

The Pillcam is capable of taking pictures of the interior digestive tract including the stomach, small intestines, and colon. It’s continuously taking highly detailed pictures as it moves through the system and is capable of taking several hundred pictures per use.The Pillcam will show any lesions, inflammation, or abnormalities throughout the digestive tract. It can identify potential health problems such as tumors, masses or ulcers in the stomach or small intestine.

Does the Pillcam SB have risks?

Because the Pillcam SB is ingestible, one possible risk is that the body will retain it and it will not pass seamlessly through the digestive tract. This risk is very low. Another possible risk is that the body will have a physical reaction to the Pillcam once it has been ingested. This may appear as a skin reaction or an upset stomach. Side effects, however, are rare and there is no downtime as the Pillcam is most often eliminated through a bowel movement.

Please consult Dr. Rudy Rai and Dr. Pia Prakash if you have any concerns about the Pill SB procedure.

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