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At the Gastro Center of Maryland, Dr. Pia Prakash, Dr. Josh Rosenbloom, Dr. Eduardo Castillo, and Dr. Dado Xu offer a nonsurgical weight loss procedure for patients trying to lose weight where a balloon is placed in the stomach. The practice has two convenient locations in Columbia, Olney, and Annapolis, Maryland.

Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss Q & A

How does the gastric balloon procedure work for weight loss?

This procedure involves the placement of two balloons into the stomach. The doctor will use an endoscope to place the small balloon into the stomach through a tube that runs through the mouth,  down the esophagus, and into the stomach while the patient is sleeping. Once the balloons are in position, the doctor will fill them up with colored saline until they are the size of a grapefruit. The balloons will take up space in the stomach creating a sense of fullness at all times. There is less room in the stomach, therefore patients will eat less and feel full much faster. As the balloons are placed through endoscopy, the procedure can be less traumatic when compared to a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery.

Who will benefit from a gastric balloon procedure for weight loss?

The weight loss balloon works well for patients who do not want surgery or are not candidates for weight loss surgery.  It’s also ideal for those who have only a small amount of weight to lose.  Because the balloon is not designed to be permanent, it’s removed when the patient reaches their weight loss goal.  There are few adverse effects associated with this procedure and the digestive tract remains intact as there is no surgery involved.

What risks are involved with a gastric balloon procedure?

The risks involved with the placement of the dual gastric balloon for weight loss are minimal. This procedure is non-surgical and therefore no incisions are made. Because of this, the risk of infection is low. The patient may feel slight irritation in the throat and in the stomach due to the endoscope being used to place the balloon. There is a small risk of the colored saline leaking into your digestive tract after the balloon is placed. This is not harmful to your stomach or intestines and the balloon will be removed if this happens. Your doctor will monitor you closely for any complication associated with the procedure.

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