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The ReShape weight loss procedure was developed for people who want to achieve significant weight loss and are ready to adopt a new, healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off for good. ReShape provides a personalized pathway broken down into three phases over 12 months. Each phase is specifically designed to assist you at key stages during your weight loss journey.


Your weight loss journey begins with a personalized evaluation. You’ll start receiving the education you need to prepare you for success.

Jump Start

During this phase, the two intragastric balloons are inserted in your stomach. They will remain in place for six months, helping to control portion size and curb appetite. With the help of the weight loss balloon and personalized coaching, you’ll focus on healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits to maximize your success. The intragastric balloons are removed from your stomach at six months.

Healthy Living 

After the weight loss balloons are removed, you’ll continue receiving support to help you achieve and maintain your optimal weight and healthy lifestyle.




How will the ReShape Procedure help me lose weight?

The ReShape weight loss procedure can help you lose weight by working in two ways. First, the weight loss balloons take up room in your stomach so there’s less space for food. You can still eat the healthy foods you enjoy but in smaller quantities, and the gastric balloons act as built-in portion control. Second, the weight loss balloons make you feel full and less hungry between meals.

What is unique about the ReShape design?

Only ReShape dual intragastric balloon technology uses two connected saline (salt water) filled balloons. The dual weight loss balloons were designed to hold a higher volume of saline, and therefore take up more room in the stomach than a single balloon. Additionally, the dual gastric balloons were designed to sit in the stomach in a way that mirrors the natural curvature of the stomach, so they may enhance comfort when in place.

Finally, the connected, dual weight loss balloons were designed to enhance safety. In the unlikely event of a balloon deflation, the second gastric balloon maintains the position of the device in the stomach, preventing it from migrating into the intestines, where it may require surgical removal.

Is ReShape safe?

Yes, the ReShape Procedure and dual gastric balloon design has FDA approval in the U.S. The weight loss balloons were designed to promote tolerability and minimize the risk of deflation or migration, and they include a visual safety indicator as well.

How much does the ReShape procedure cost? 

Costs will vary by region and physician. Affordable payment options are available. Talk to your doctor about payment and financing options.


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